★ Act Like Men – “Before the Fall” ★

Day 29 - Before The Fall

Daily Dependence - Section 4 - Be StrongEvery one of James MacDonald’s lessons that deals with the subject of Satan’s lie as it relates to 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 is incredible.  Day 29 is no different, as he debunks Satan’s lie about “Being Strong.”

“Satan is a serious enemy, described in 1 Peter 5:8 as ‘a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.’  In the ancient world the lion was the most feared predator and the one most likely to catch its prey.  Men are being stalked by Satan’s schemes in the area of sexual sin and their carcasses litter the landscape.”

The sobering part of 1 Peter that has always gotten me is the, “someone” part.  Our enemy does not care who it is, so long as he can destroy you!  And MacDonald puts a fine point on it with this statement…

“Christian men are especially vulnerable as a real trophy for an enemy that wants most of all to discredit Jesus Christ and make a mockery of those who have taken His name.”  

Day 29 - James MacDonald - 5 Steps That Get a Man Where He Never Planned To GoIt was interesting the way he described King David, the man after God’s heart, who “loved God, modeled a worshipful life, reigned according to God’s principles, but couldn’t ‘keep it in his pants.’” How many men are plagued with the same thing?  The most powerful part of the reading for me was the “5 Steps that get a man where he never planned to go.”

First Step Down:  Prosperous times produce passive wills.

“Few of us can handle the temptation of inactivity.”

Second Step Down:  Passive wills produce overpowering emotions.

“With irresistible power, desire seizes mastery of the flesh.”

Third Step Down:  Overpowering emotions produce perverse thoughts.

“Feelings tend to become actions…What the mind desires, the will exercises and goes after.”

Fourth Step Down:  Perverse thoughts produce private sin.

“When we dwell on desire, yielding is just a matter of time.”

Fifth Step Down:  Private sin produces public consequences.

“What the rationalizing, deceitful heart says it can avoid, it cannot.”

What a powerful visual on the slow decline of a man as temptation is yielded to.

“You don’t realize all that you are giving up in the moment of temptation.”  Unknown

But Romans 13:14 (ESV) gives us a great antidote!

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”

I think this last quote from James MacDonald is a great finishing statement that we ALL need to ponder at length .

 “Be assured that our enemy wants to devour you.  I challenge you to look at your life today and see where there is slippage.”

Here is the next installment. . .★ Act Like Men – “Our Strong God” ★


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