★ Act Like Men – “Headed For The Ditch On A Sunny Day” ★

Day 13 - Headed For The Ditch On A Sunny Say

Daily Dependence - Section 2 - Be WatchfulThis day’s reading for me was really powerful because it exposes all the lies and ways that the enemy tries to trip us up in our walk with God.

“Our enemy Satan comes to us as an angel of light. You may be hearing from the devil when you least expect it. Since the garden of Eden, his approach has always been the same.”

It’s scary to think of an enemy that’s constantly coming after me, it was sobering how MacDonald put it…

“First, he disguises himself… Satan’s moves are so pathetically consistent it’s shameful we still get fooled.”

He is pathetic, but yet we keep failing in the same area over and over!  The next strategy, I think is why it’s so critical that we keep on communicating with each other is the dividing strategy.

“Next, he divides you from The people you need most in love most deeply.… For Satan’s purpose, making you a completely ineffective and isolated follower of Jesus is as much a success as keeping you lost in sin.”

How sad indeed will it would it be if we end up ineffectual of being corrupted by self-righteousness!  And the final strategy through strongholds or satanic deception is the worst.

“Once he has the lie disguised as light and has divided you from those who can turn the light on for you, he moves in for the kill with the final move: destroy.”

As you can tell I got a lot of this day. What about you?

Here is the next installment. . .★ Act Like Men – “Never Give Up” ★


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